Masterpiece Project

The vision of the Masterpiece project is to foster a connection between community members and their local artists + entrepreneurs while also gently inspiring a reconnection in folks’ minds of nature as art. We believe that reinforcing this natural bond between humanity and the earth’s creations is essential in this time of environmental crisis. In its simplest, we’re excited about creating beautiful things. We aim to do this by partnering with Ottawa artists in the creation of a unique bouquet. Ultimately, the artist’s role is to create something beautiful in their unique style as a print, and we design an inspired bouquet.

December Masterpiece: Seema Akhtar

For Seema, painting is pure joy. Her creative process is intuitive; it comes from the heart and is fuelled by music. Seema’s paintings express emotion and love through colour and texture. The beauty of nature is her inspiration, and the titles of her pieces often come from song lyrics. “I am” is inspired by a mantra called ” Bliss”.

This quote from Rebecca Makkai speaks to why Seema paints: “We’re all going about trying to make beauty in the world and trying to make order out of chaos. And that’s what art is. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of Seema’s art and this masterpiece will help women fleeing

December Masterpiece Bouquet

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November Masterpiece

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