Floral design workshops



Do you want to learn a new skill, or broaden your current skill set? This fall we are hosting a  hybridized type of workshop, virtual instruction combined with the comfort of in-home creation. All of our workshop instruction is given on a Thursday with Tuesday pickup or delivery of the fresh product and hard goods required to take part in the workshop. Participants are emailed a link to join the virtual Zoom workshop an hour before the workshop.

In the coming months, we will have several workshops to choose from.

Upcoming workshops this fall:

September 23, 2021-6-7:30 pm- Foraged flower #nofloralfoam table arrangement

Foraged flower #nofloralfloam table arrangement-Sept 23, 21-6-7:30 pm

October 7, 2021-6-7:30 pm-Give Thanks #nofloralfoam table arrangement

Give Thanks #nofloralfoam table arrangement-October 7, 2021-6-7:30 pm

October 28, 2021-6-7:30 pm-Dried floral wreath

Dried Floral Wreath-October 28, 2021-6-7:30 pm

November 18, 2021-6-7:30 pm-Outdoor Urn Design

November 20, 2021-9-4:30 pm-@thebluehouse-Outdoor urn in-person workshop (maximum 10 people)


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